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Month: October, 2015

The Dean Park


There’s this walk that I go every day, and every day I walk past the same man.
After a few weeks of seeing him, he began smiling at me, and after a little longer, he was like, ‘Hiya’.
But just the other day he said, ‘Aw ye awright, how are you?’

So, I had to abandon that walk, because it seemed like I was making a pal.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me, people are so lovely, so friendly and welcoming, but I’m genuinely terrified of you all.

My brand new walk, however, was great fun, it provided me with the inspiration for this painting.

Best Pals

SAM_5510 SAM_5501 SAM_5517

I got speaking to this artist, and he told me he had no friends, he was right sad about it, like.

I was all, so you make art, and you don’t have to talk to anyone?
Show. Off.

Anyway, here’s the painting I was working on today, and coincidentally, my actual best pal.

Order and Chaos


I painted a woman and I hated her, the way that I had applied the paint, and the compositional choice was making me ill, so, on top of her, I painted another woman, whom I loathed equally.

This happens sometimes, paintings don’t come together as naturally as they usually do, and it used to make me miserable, but I just accept and embrace it as part of the process now.
You’ve got to get it wrong to know how it feels when you’re getting it right!

SO! On this canvas, on top of two failed women, I’m having a colour party, wait until you see what it becomes, it’s going to be magnificent!

The Kay Park


Started a painting of the Kay Park tonight.
It’s going to be a massive, autumnal, colour party, with ducks aplenty!

Someone spoke to me the other day, like for AGES, and all I could think about was the amount of painting I could’ve done had they not.
I’m a terrible person in a hugely obsessive, possibly unhealthy, relationship with colour.


Sophisticated Ladies


Today’s painting – after all her washes!
She looks like a painting I could fall in love with.
Now, what to do with that background……

John Finnie Street


John Finnie Street (Blue and Gold)
Acrylic on canvas

For me, painting has become less about detail, and more about mark making.

I can dot and dash my brushes all over a canvas, using colours that will both bully and play with each other, in order to give the impression of John Finnie Street, without ever having to think about what a window, a brick, a doorway, a traffic light, or a car should look like.

Although, the finished product is a recognisable image, the process is hugely abstract.

This is when I can fall in love with a painting, because it’s nothing but shapes and colours, disguised as a street in Kilmarnock.