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Month: December, 2015

Warm/Cold Divide



Made a start on this painting today, and I’m having an incredible time working on the warm light.
Still a lot more work to go into this one, but it’s a beauty already.

Do ignore the horrendous line down the middle caused by the light coming in from my studio door, it’s creating some sort of warm and cold divide in my painting……………..maybe I like it.

Final Fantasy 7

A little painting of Cloud from Final Fantasy 7


The Dean Castle, Kilmarnock



Finally finished my Dean Castle painting.

Fun Fact:
Those teeny weeny bricks required the smallest brush I’ve ever used, took approx 5 hours, and made me want to set the painting on fire.

Martial Art

2015-12-08 16.03.32 (1)

I was on the way to my Wellington Gallery Art Class to start this painting…

I was about to cross the road.
It was wet, windy, miserable, and there was a man in front of me. He was wearing a raincoat, hood up, and zipped up to the nose, completely closed off from the world and the weather.
He had already crossed the road, and there was a sizeable distance between us…….except, he paused to remove some litter from the pavement, it took enough time that I had now caught up to him. He was bent down, and unaware that I was right behind him.
‘Sorry, excuse me’ I said, as I shuffled past him.

He shat himself, and with the strangest natural reaction I have ever seen, attempted to karate chop me.

The Kilmarnock Viaduct at 6am

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My painting of the Kilmarnock Viaduct went to auction and raised £1000 as part of a Cash For Kids charity event. The painting was donated by Avesta Scotland.

Truly amazing news.