Martial Art

by artistvikkihastings

2015-12-08 16.03.32 (1)

I was on the way to my Wellington Gallery Art Class to start this painting…

I was about to cross the road.
It was wet, windy, miserable, and there was a man in front of me. He was wearing a raincoat, hood up, and zipped up to the nose, completely closed off from the world and the weather.
He had already crossed the road, and there was a sizeable distance between us…….except, he paused to remove some litter from the pavement, it took enough time that I had now caught up to him. He was bent down, and unaware that I was right behind him.
‘Sorry, excuse me’ I said, as I shuffled past him.

He shat himself, and with the strangest natural reaction I have ever seen, attempted to karate chop me.