I graduated from the Edinburgh College Of Art in 2011 with a BA(hons) degree in painting, prior to this, I graduated from the Reid Kerr College in Paisley with an HNC in Environmental Fine Art.

The week after my graduation, I applied for and accepted a job in customer service.  On the Monday I was meant to begin my first shift, I phoned up and quit. I had a studio, and creating art and making no money, seemed a better option than not creating art and making just a little money.

My artwork is simply an alternative exploration of the world, and I dedicate my entire life to it. I struggle with humanity,  my existence is a confusion, and Art is a coping mechanism.

Art is escapism, and escapism is inescapable.

The only thing we know for sure is that we die in the end, so I’ll probably spend the time between now and then, painting.