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Sunset on Irvine Rd, Kilmarnock


The sky was pretty the other night when I walked home from the cotton mill, so I made this little painting of it.

I love painting, it’s just a search for beauty in the world and then finding a way to translate it onto canvas,

…..only some days it can be really hard to find.

John Finnie Street

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Another John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, painting – only this time on a larger 50x60cm canvas.

John Finnie Street

A little 30x40cm painting of John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock

Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock

Finished this painting of the Palace Theatre today.

I’m so glad someone commissioned a bunch of Kilmarnock paintings because I took this photo ages ago and I’ve been dying for an excuse to paint it.

Sunset at Troon


Just finished this little 20x30cm canvas of the sunset at Troon – inspired by a photo I took last week

High Street, Kilmarnock.

Recently finished a brand new painting of High Street.

I love painting Kilmarnock!

Irvine beach at Sunset


A little 30x40cm painting of some folk at Irvine Beach photographing the sunset.

Irvine Beach


Another little painting from Irvine Beach.
Bright, blinding light, sparkling water, and some dudes walking their dugs.

River Irvine


A little 30x40cm painting of the River Irvine.
I walk my dog along this trail a lot, and I adore the light on the river, especially in the photo I took that inspired this painting.

Lots of titanium white paint straight from the tube shovelled on to the canvas to get some right gid sparkles.



I took a photo through the car window a few weeks ago as my partner and I were driving through Monkton. I took the picture because I loved the blinding white colour of the sea in the distance, and I thought it would look great as a painting.

I don’t think I’ve ever painted anything with such limited colour and subject, but I really enjoyed working on this little canvas, and the bright white of the sea is great, but it was the subtle ultramarine blue shades on the cottage that really made my day with this one.