Vikki Hastings Artist

Art is escapist, and escapism is inescapable



I’m so in love with this painting.
It was an absolute joy to work on.

Dean Castle

Another finished painting of the Dean Castle, Kilmarnock.



I got these tiny canvasses a long time ago, and I took my time to use them because I didn’t think they would be big enough to really make a seascape pop.

Turns out size doesn’t matter.

Moonrise on West Netherton St


Managed to find a few minutes to put the finishing touches on my West Netherton Street painting.

I love working on little Kilmarnock scenes, even though they aren’t technically ‘pretty’, I think they look gorgeous on canvas.

There’s genuinely beauty everywhere.

‘Moonrise on W. Netherton St.’
Acrylic on canvas.

Coo with Oomph!


A big bad handsome Highland Cow.

….with extra oomph.

Painting love!


My absolute favourite kind of painting.

Big sky, reflections on water, good colours, light and warmth.

Man’s Best Friend


My latest painting of a man and his dog enjoying a walk along the beach at sunset.

Absolutely my cup of tea when it comes to subject matter.



My painting of Jax.

Tribute in Light


Finished this painting yesterday.

A 50x70cm canvas of New York featuring the Tribute in Light installation.

I’m usually quite a fast-paced painter, and I like to get at least one painting done a day, however this guy took me three days!

Those little windows were never-ending, and the teeny weeny brush I used to paint them is bald.

It was such a challenge, but I honestly enjoyed every single second.

Irn Bru


A very elegant portrait of Irn Bru!

What an absolute class commission to work on.