Vikki Hastings Artist

Art is escapist, and escapism is inescapable



Really excited about one of my latest commissions.
First time painting elephants and I had free reign on the background so it was, of course, going to be the setting sun and water reflections!

This one is already in its new home, up on the wall, and looking incredible.

Glen Sannox


One of my most recent commissions of Glen Sannox, Arran.

There are so many things I loved about working on this image, lots of titanium white paint to strengthen the light in the sky, using a dry brush to get the three rays of light in the background, but most of all, making those tiny little marks, with a tiny little brush, to give the impression of the water trickling over the rocks.

Absolutely adored making this painting.



I made a painting of a beautiful little baby.

If you’re friends with me over on my personal page on Facebook, you’ll know the amount of trouble I had with this one, but if you’re just pals with me on this page, we can totally pretend that I got this right first time, and it came together pure easy like.

Strong light.

My Mum took some amazing photos of some strong light reflecting off of the sea at Troon, and sent them to me.

I couldn’t get on with my life until I had painted one of them.

Sunrise on the Kilmaurs Rd.


There’s beauty absolutely everywhere if you look for it.

Made a little painting of the Kilmaurs Road, just before the sunrise.

I need to stop walking my dog, because every time I go outside, the whole world is begging to get painted!

Grey days



I’m trying to get a good balance between working on commissioned paintings, and working on paintings I make from my own photos just because I like them.

So, as long as I get one commission done a day, I allow myself a few hours to do a painting of my own.

As I can’t share the commission I finished today, I’m sharing the little 20x30cm canvas I made afterwards – Irvine Beach on a miserable day.

There’s beauty in the grey Scottish weather too!

Light on water love!


Made a little 20x30cm painting of some strong light bouncing off of the sea at Troon.

Can’t get enough of these kinds of images!



Absolute belter of a painting to work on.

King Arthur.

Working on this 100x100cm canvas in the studio today. Can’t wait to get up bright and early and get to work on that sword!

Warm/Cold Divide



Made a start on this painting today, and I’m having an incredible time working on the warm light.
Still a lot more work to go into this one, but it’s a beauty already.

Do ignore the horrendous line down the middle caused by the light coming in from my studio door, it’s creating some sort of warm and cold divide in my painting……………..maybe I like it.