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Sunset on Irvine Rd, Kilmarnock


The sky was pretty the other night when I walked home from the cotton mill, so I made this little painting of it.

I love painting, it’s just a search for beauty in the world and then finding a way to translate it onto canvas,

…..only some days it can be really hard to find.

John Finnie Street

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Another John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock, painting – only this time on a larger 50x60cm canvas.

John Finnie Street

A little 30x40cm painting of John Finnie Street, Kilmarnock

Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock

Finished this painting of the Palace Theatre today.

I’m so glad someone commissioned a bunch of Kilmarnock paintings because I took this photo ages ago and I’ve been dying for an excuse to paint it.

Dean Castle

Another finished painting of the Dean Castle, Kilmarnock.

Moonrise on West Netherton St


Managed to find a few minutes to put the finishing touches on my West Netherton Street painting.

I love working on little Kilmarnock scenes, even though they aren’t technically ‘pretty’, I think they look gorgeous on canvas.

There’s genuinely beauty everywhere.

‘Moonrise on W. Netherton St.’
Acrylic on canvas.

Coo with Oomph!


A big bad handsome Highland Cow.

….with extra oomph.

John Finnie Street


John Finnie Street (Blue and Gold)
Acrylic on canvas

For me, painting has become less about detail, and more about mark making.

I can dot and dash my brushes all over a canvas, using colours that will both bully and play with each other, in order to give the impression of John Finnie Street, without ever having to think about what a window, a brick, a doorway, a traffic light, or a car should look like.

Although, the finished product is a recognisable image, the process is hugely abstract.

This is when I can fall in love with a painting, because it’s nothing but shapes and colours, disguised as a street in Kilmarnock.